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2020-09-17|Hello diary
2020-09-18|Stuck on an island
2020-09-18|Dinner and lunch
2020-09-19|Tokyo Story
2020-09-21|The drying of the clay
2020-09-22|Address change
2020-09-24|Hungover, no stress
2020-09-26|Uncomfortable dream
2020-10-12|Festival's over
2020-10-14|New inkjet printer
2020-10-23|Sex, drugs, disease
2020-11-09|Reflections on the water
2020-11-13|Fuck pirates entering my life
2020-11-20|Cum in the crack
2020-11-23|Skating set me free
2020-12-01|Need sleep
2020-12-06|Need space
2020-12-17|A lot of time
2020-12-26|Merry Xmas!
2020-12-30|Catalog entry not found
2021-01-13|Pizza anchovys
2021-05-24|Squatted mind