Hello diary

Page 1 | 2020-09-17

Dear ic3,

Nice to meet you, I'm your creator, fr0st. I've created you because I feel like I need a space to write more than ever. To write publicly, that is. It's not the first time I've put my thoughts into words, nor will it be the last, but it's the first time to do it publicly. Because, that's what it is, hidden as this place may be, it's out there for anyone to visit and read. If anyone was to read this diary from head to toe, they'd know me to the core, at least, that's the goal. The funny thing is that I value my privacy immensely, maybe that's why I've resorted to a place like this.

Since I value my privacy so much I won't give you details about my life such as my real name, gender, age, occupation, address etc. These things are too concrete anyway to make any sense in relation to my abstract thoughts. The only thing that I will tell you about myself is that English is not my native tongue, so that'll explain and excuse all the spelling and grammar mistakes I'll undoubtedly make.

You might be curious to what exactly I'll write you about. So I'll explain to you briefly what my intentions are at the moment. Like I said I'll write you my thoughts, a result of my daily life and my dreams. So it'll be a combination of those latter two, I guess. What constitutes my daily life? I'm reading a lot, mostly dull texts on image-boards instead of the juicy philosophy I love so much. I also have a little addiction to technology in general, which I despise. Though, it has enabled me to create you, which I love. I also love arts, and it's the only addiction I'm proud of. Of course my little list of addictions wouldn't be complete without mentioning drugs. I like LSD, shrooms, DMT and hashish. I prefer hashish over weed unless the weed is grown organically outdoors, I don't like that "Super Gorilla OG Purple Bulldozer Kush" so many people search for.

The main point is, I'll probably write about anything I feel like, and to try to give any structure to it on the first page is probably futile. I'm just happy to finally have a place I don't need to protect anymore, because it's out in the open anyway, but still is anonymous, at least, I hope.

Untill next time,