New inkjet printer

Page 10 | 2020-10-14

My beloved ic3,

The last two days I spent not so spectacularly as the two weeks before. Instead of cleaning the mess from the festival in my room, I decided to avoid it: I mostly played this classic shooter, CoD4 (which I'm very pro at, since I've been playing it for over a decade I should), encoding DVDs in the meantime, OCR'ing subtitles from said DVDs, muxing it nicely together and uploading it to some torrent website. I also should've read some philosophy but I didn't. Mostly because reading from a screen immediately destroys all my attention and I didn't have prints since all places where I used to print for cheap are closed due to virus regulations. I also tried to watch a movie in the evening but got bored after 30 minutes or so. I don't know if it's because I just spent two very exciting weeks or the movie was just boring but I'll try again this evening. I was still too tired I think.

Today everything's going to change, I'm sure. Yesterday my friend pirat3 came over to watch online lectures together (philosophy) but she brought a gift: an inkjet printer she found on the street, fully working! Printing has never been this cheap. The only downside is that I can't get it to work with GNU+Linux, but 'luckily' I already had a winblows box to play CoD4 and encode movies (though I should be able to do both on GNU+Linux too but I don't know how; I try to spent as little time as possible behind a screen, not more).

So this morning I'll be skating to a coffee shop (the kind of place where they don't have WiFi and you're not allowed to sit with a laptop, so I should be good) nearby and finally read my Foucault. And yes, skating, you read that right, on a skateboard, it's something I wish to learn since forever. I still have my almost unused skateboard from my childhood. A gift from my mom, but she was also the one who took away all joy by making me wear protective gear. Yesterday too I went skating, with pirat3 in the park, I even did my first few drop-ins in the bowl. I fell really hard too, but she said that was the point. Oh well, I'm less sore today already.