Reflections on the water

Page 12 | 2020-11-09

My dearest ic3,

I'm currently lying in pirat3's boat, reflecting on the past days. pirat3's playing the guitar, drugz, 3n1gm4, and s3x are chilling outside on the back of the boat. The day before yesterday I finished filming the movie. It's now finally time to edit after a week of filming every day. Right now I'm waiting for the LSD to kick in.

Yesterday morning, I'd say around one, I took MDMA with some people in the squat. I met a girl there too, she's addicted to crack and wants to see all the museums in the city. I'd love to take her there.

The filming was intense and very refreshing. I think I have all the footage I had in mind, but I wouldn't be surprised if there would be a day or two of filming to come. There are some cool scenes I had in mind and I'm curious to see if they'll happen spontaneously.

I really felt like a junky yesterday morning. We had been going on this dirty bottle with MDMA all night till morning and everyone looked like ghosts. My dinner and breakfast had been bread with hummus. The girl addicted to crack was sleeping in the morning. pirat3 showed up in the morning, taking a nice MDMA bomb to begin her day. I went shoplifting some more breakfast with drugz, not really to steal, but to keep her company.

Yesterday when we arrived at the island I collected all my leftover strength and energy to set up the cinema. We watched Rebels of the Neon God. The generator is much smaller and portable than the one we used at the festival and the screen also was much nicer, it had a 1.85:1 aspect ratio and fit the picture perfectly. The sound quality sucked as usual but these speakers won't break and give me no reason yet to get new ones.

After the movie s3x and drugz went to sleep, I wanted to sleep too but couldn't bring myself to it yet. I was cold, and needed to warm myself by the fire some more. pirat3 and 3n1gm4 were taking some MDMA, I was in doubt whether I'd have some too but I figured it wouldn't do much after the night before and to take it just to take it seemed stupid but tempting. It's always nice to go down another level. Fuck, I really never should try crack or heroin.

I'm thinking about this girl. She's a friend of s3x, that's how she ended up in the squat on her birthday, "all alone". I feel really bad for her but I also know it's not my task to help her. At the same time I think I'd enjoy showing her the city, the nice spots only I know.

I think I'll wrap up now. I'd love to tell you about the movie, how the shooting went, the things that surprised me but I can feel the LSD tingling in my fingers so I have to leave the screen.

Talk to you soon,