A lot of time

Page 18 | 2020-12-17

Dear ic3,

I've almost finished editing the film I've been working on. I feel bad for using Adobe Premiere Pro but there just isn't any advanced libre software to do it, kdnlive for example doesn't allow me to cut on the exact frame, which is unacceptable. The thing that requires my attention now is the sound mixing, which isn't the most fun part to do I must admit. I couldn't picutre myself doing that easily/properly with libre video editing software.

By the way the exhibition I'm organizing with pnr4 (I think I've mentioned it before) is taking shape. To not get any trouble with the virus laws and the landlord we've labeled it as a live production. I don't suppose there would be any rules broken but these people are stupid and assume you will as soon as you post an event anywhere. Apparently the police had contacted the owner (wtf?) to inform about the event.

Also it's Christmas break now so I'm supposed to work on my philosophy paper. I'm self-isolating for 14 days in order to be able to visit my parents on Christmas. This should give me plenty of opportunity to study but so far I've been doing everything but. It's hard to concentrate and it's already Thursday while I was thinking it was Tuesday.

Last weekend, the last days before self-isolation began, I've hung out and spent three nights with pnr4. We started the chilling by taking shrooms on Friday and before we knew it the day had passed. Next day we spent the entire day smoking weed and cooking, next day was spent smoking weed and midnight skating. It feels great to get a relief like that once in a while. I think since the virus is upon us these bursts have become more and more intense, albeit less lethal since the worst I've done is MDMA but mostly just shrooms and weed.

This is just supposed to be a quick update, nothing really pushed me to writing other than to keep you alive.