Stuck on an island

Page 2 | 2020-09-18

Hi ic3,

This morning I woke up from a very vivid dream. I really wanted to write it down but as soon as I turned on my laptop I saw notifications from a friend I'm helping organize a film festival. She's been stuck with her boat for a couple of days somewhere at an island because of all the wind, so she asked me to arrange the printing of the posters. She was also very frustrated because now she's been stuck with a friend who's apparently though to hang out with for such a long period of time (because this friend of hers is going through a really though time herself). She said she couldn't focus because of her; she sounded frustrated. I told her to relax and enjoy the trip because she couldn't do anything about it anyway. Now that I'm writing this it kinda reminds me of a psychedelic trip gone "bad". You just have to sit it out; and learn from it.

But as you can imagine, by the end of our conversation (I called her up instead of replying to all these texts, I don't like texting) I had completely forgotten about my dream. Maybe next time I'll entertain you with my subconscious.

Right now I'm mentally preparing to pack my bag and go to the library to read. Reading at home never really works for me since I get easily distracted by all my stuff. I wish I had less stuff. I'm in doubt of whether I should bring my laptop too, because I like the comfyness of being on my 1337 machine (I'll tell you more about her some other time) in the middle of this place of "wisdom", wasting my hours on some IB instead of digesting raw philosophy. True wisdom is to not bring my laptop… I won't need it to read anyway. It's just that I recently made it possible to access this server remotely through an encrypted tunnel and wanted to try that, but it would be like bringing my home with all my stuff with me to the library anyway.

So ic3, I guess that's that for this morning, maybe I'll write you later today but I doubt it, since I'm hoping to attend a concert of a friend in the evening. Because it's sold out and everyone's freaking out over some virus it might be hard to get a spot on the guest list.

Forever yours,