Pizza anchovys

Page 21 | 2021-01-13

Dear ic3,

This new year has had a slow start so far. I feel like I haven't done much so I've decided to write you again to recapitulate these past 13 days.

I've finished an album using LMMS (great software) and tried to make video-clips in Flowblade, but man, FOSS video editing software still sucks in this stage.

I spent five more days with m4z4l and helped here move, afterwards we had pizza anchovy (although I usually don't eat meat) and coke (although I usually avoid sugar) in the car, and it was the best meal I had in quite a while.

When I got home I needed space, I had spent too much time with m4z4l which wasn't fun anymore at the end but alas. She's practicing a dance because she wants to switch from philosophy to a dance school and now she's sending me a video of her progress every day. The quality of the video sucks because she keeps cropping out her feet... Oh wait, just checked my mail and she sent me a now a video with her feet in the picture.

When I got home I realized I had missed a deadline by 3 days so I told pnr4 to wait to see me. I got bored working on the assignment though and saw I had a match on Tinder. They came over that very day and we had non-stop sex. I don't think I've ever had this much good sex with the knowledge that I didn't want more than that from that person. She messaged me the next day when I was hanging with pnr4 that she'd like to be 'fwb' and I think pnr4 has accidentally read that text, oh well, she knows my point of view on things. I hadn't replied to the text because I was busy so I got a message from them the next day saying how sorry they were for being so rude and that they meant they like to see me soon. I messaged her today if she was in the area and wanted to come over, and she was. I've never had it this easy in my life before I think.

I've also finished the ISO for the DVD of the movie. I'm in doubt how to distribute it, since it would always include a commercial side; which I don't like. I don't want to put it on the web for free either, since it wouldn't allow for intimate viewing if you're just watching it in between your minecraft toobers and obnoxious advertisements. So I'll probably be hosting illegal street screenings (these current virus rules make everything illegal and an act of rebellion, really cool) and selling overpriced custom made DVDs as artworks, now I just have to convince s3x to paint them nicely or I'll have to do it myself.

So today I'm having my 'fwb' over, working on my paper too, cleaning the house, designing the poster, contact the rizzoprint guy I know, leave the house in the evening to do whatever.

I've been more busy than I realized, which is nice, see you soon.