Squatted mind

Page 22 | 2021-05-24

Dear ic3,

As you may have noticed, I haven't written you in a while. My life is much more chaotic now. The virus is almost gone here it seems although people are still dying. Things are returning to their old standards, albeit different forever. My life is a bit chaotic. Iv'e been hanging out in squats, queer parties, taking drugs, having lots of sex, having lots of moments where I couldn't have sex, smoked cigarettes, quit them a lot of times, installed encrypted GNU/Linux for others, played tech support, squatted places, see them getting evicted, etc. You haven't missed much I'd say although it was fun.

I hope soon I'll be able to travel, I want to visit London, Athens, St. Petersburg, California and so on. I've been saving a lot of cash surprisingly (the life of freeloader) so I expect to be able to buy a van or a boat in a few years, when the contract of my apartment ends.

I've left the Anarchist group I shortly involuntarily joined, it felt like cult, though I still love anarchy. I've started to realize that anarchy and anarchism are two different things. Anarchy is anarchism, but anarchism isn't anarchy.

Also I should start writing my paper if I still want to pass this subject but I really don't feel like it - I rathe retake this class next year when I actually get to discuss things with my peers instead of just pooping out 4000 words on a topic I won't remember because it's all a blur. Aesthetics are too interesting to just swallow and not appreciate the taste. Let's hope next semester classes are no longer online.

Anyway, I'm doing well and I haven't forgotten about you. Now I'll make planning for the remaining of May.