Dinner and lunch

Page 3 | 2020-09-18

Hello ic3,

I know I wrote you earlier today but it felt like I had forgotten to mention a few things. About the food I cooked for example, or the bar I went to. Not that it's so terribly interesting but I felt like writing about it anyway. Because yesterday was one of those evenings where I really felt like doing something, maybe because my day had been fruitful already (I created you for instance), but you don't really do much because you're just low on energy. Though, you can't cook something either because it seems like you have no ingredients to cook with. To my surprise I ended up making something quite delicious, something with mashed potatoes with cheese, onions, ground turmeric, ground cumin seed, a chili pepper and fried fennel (wow I really build my vocabulary this way).

After I had eaten so much I felt like bursting I went to a bar where I used to go a lot, only to find no familiar faces. I had some smalltalk with some people there; it was a group of girls meeting there every Thursday after their lectures were over. It was a lot about the annoying virus, studying in general, memes (*vomits*) and soap series. I felt like I was getting too old for this shit. There was, however, one girl that seemed interesting, she was grooving on the music that was playing (Son of a Preacher Man) and it felt like I was watching a Tarantino movie. Tarantino's movies aren't very good, but entertaining nonetheless (especially Death Proof, also she looked a little like Jungle Julia). I could only watch her from a distance, though, because I'm not very good at just approaching people, I always feel like it would be weird although I love it when people randomly approach me. But I was in luck! Just when the bar was about to close she came to say bye to the girls at my table and we randomly got into a conversation about philosophy and law (she's a law major). It was a nice, short, conversation, and she seemed to like it too. After we both went our own ways I felt like I said something stupid though, or had shown too much interest. She'll probably turn out boring anyway, being a student of the fucking law, or shallow, or whatever it is I try to avoid. I don't know, I tend to overthink these things. But that's the benefit of attaching a lot of attention to a lot of things, I relatively spread my attention evenly.

I should've bought groceries today, too, but I didn't, because the friend who's performing this evening came by to pick up one of my mesh shirts for the concert. He brought food: mushrooms, more onions, tomatoes. We had a really nice lunch. Oh, I also gave him the key to one of my spare bikes; he can keep it, on the condition that he fixes it. I feel like I'm losing track of all my possessions, I lend them out or give them away, but I think that's a good thing, because it means I'm starting to attach less and less value to them. Anyway, right now I'm thinking what to make for dinner and it's tempting to just get some takeaway, but I'm short on cash at the moment. I'll figure something out, improvise and surprise myself when I stop procastinating.

I don't know if I feel like going to the concert tonight because apparently only 20 people are allowed, one of which is one of my exes who is still obsessed with me in some weird way. I think I'll visit my pirate friend instead, smoke a joint, read philosophy together and finalize the plans for the film festival. Should be nice and make me feel productive. I like that.

I'll talk to you soon,