Tokyo Story

Page 4 | 2020-09-19

Good morning ic3,

This morning I woke up really early because I had offered my dad to help paint his boat. I'm eating my leftover rice with onions as we speak because I need solid grounds and there's too little time to make proper breakfast. This dish is the best, it's super cheap and easy to make. I learned it from a friend from Gambia. Of course there are a lot of ingredients missing, as they're not available here, but it tastes good anyway; and so different from anything else I know.

Instead of hanging out with my pirate friend yesterday I ended up staying home, because she's still out somewhere on the waters. I didn't hear anything from my friend who was performing, which I found a little rude considering how I had helped him with his bike and outfit earlier that day. So I decided to watch a movie, picking a random title from my vast collection (another addiction of mine, collecting films). Tokyo Story was my pick.

There's something about 50's Japan that just really intrigues me. Maybe it's the post-war mentality, the clash between the modern and the traditional that's so weirdly aesthetic, or the slow pace of the movies, but I always get this feeling of peace and serenity when I see anything related to it. The setting reminded to that of My Neighbor Totoro, probably because the clothing and time are similar? First I had to get used to the acting, slow pace and even the black and white. But soon I felt really comfortable in this world, like some kind of dream-state, Japanese movies have this magic.

Speaking of dreams; I had a really weird one this morning. I was watching a loading bar go, the ones you see on screens, but in real life instead. Huray for digitization making my dreams very interesting...

It's probably not possible to draw too general conclusions about Japanese culture based on one movie but I think a lot of it is portrayed here, in Tokyo Story. The coldness of dealing with things, by yourself, the respect for their elders, the extremely dedicated work-life, and the two-faced way of dealing with stuff, but also the honesty that sprouts from the latter. I'm not suprised everyone's depressed and disappointed in that movie. I think the movie is actually very relevant still today, on multiple levels. It's funny to watch a movie like this on a night where I'm mentally preparing to get up ridiculously early to help my father, but ending up being drowsy in the morning because this film took forever and I started watching it too late on the evening.

I'm happy that I made up my mind yesterday about what I wanted to do with my evening. It being a Friday night I always have these expectations that are rarely met. My friend didn't let me know about the concert anymore, but did call me up halfway through the movie after the concert had well been over, probably to hang out and get drinks or something, but it felt good to know I had made my own plans, even if they were only half my own and mostly a product of the circumstances. He even called an again an hour later, a true friend! Still I didn't pick up, pretending to be asleep.

I don't know how much time I have left before my dad's here and I to go so I'll conclude here and peacefully eat my breakfast, even though I don't really feel hungry yet.

I hope you have a nice day,