The drying of the clay

Page 5 | 2020-09-21

My dearest ic3,

This morning I wrote some text I was really happy with. Unfortunately the file has been lost. Tonight I'll try to recapitulate my day, by which I might recover some of which has been lost.

My morning began really good, with a different routine than I was used to. I woke up not too tired from the party I went to the night before (Saturday night). It was a series of performances and from live music to spoken word, all at once. Because of all the safety measures undertaken because of the disease it was really difficult and stressful to move around. You had to constantly remain seated, even when you were making your way to the bathroom someone would come up to you and request that you sit down. Although the art was nice and cool it was my friend who organized who I was most impressed with. She even managed to arrange a way in which it was possible to dance.

One thing I was particularly happy with is that this morning I introduced everyone by name, so I'll take this opportunity to introduce to you r0ts, the one who composed Saturday's party. This morning I woke up next to my pirate friend, pirat3, who I had let stay at my place because her boat is having some water issues at the moment and we were arranging things for the festival. She brought over a projector which I'm at them moment using to play video works by Pipilotti Rist on my wall, while listening to some obscure DJ mixes (current mix is by Nala Brown on Concentric Circles Radio 56).

My friend pirat3 has a really good recipe for hummus which we made this morning: first after letting the chickpeas soak overnight you boil them for roughly an hour, adding salt halfway through. Then divide them from the water and put them in a mixer with olive oil, tahini, ground cumin seeds, garlic from the oven, lemon and black pepper. Then after having blended it not too liquid-ly you pour the contents of the mixer in jars or some place to let it cool down. When it's cool it's perfect. Then also an eggplant from the oven with garlic, salt, black pepper and some olive oil and honey. This put on a toast with smoked tofu (I don't know yet about this addition) and avocado made for a really good breakfast.

My musician friend came over after to hang out and return the shoes. His name is ston3r by the way. Unfortunately we couldn't chill for long since I had an appointment with my friend, m4z4l. She's the philosopher/art critic. I arrived an hour late at the place where we'd meet. At least, so I thought, because it was only when I arrived when I realized I was actually two hours early. I was still a bit buzzed by the j I had smoked with pirat3. So I decided to take a walk on the streets of my city.

I met a really kind woman in front of an 'etalage' with overpriced Cartier glasses. I will admit they were nice. But I must also admit that I couldn't resist the taste of tobacco and the glamor of a cigarette. I borrowed a few fags from random passerby's. I think it's the tobacco pirat3 rolls her joints with, I used to smoke them pure only or with some kind of herb like chamomile since I quit smoking. I still consider myself an ex-smoker. An occasional slip is no relapse, yet. The problem only grew when we met a guy, Queen of Cups, at a jazz cafe later that evening. He was loaded, with cigs, hashish and words.

He was eager to talk and reminded me of myself from five to seven years ago, still only differing two years. I think I can learn a lot from myself. Because he also seemed very honest and sincere I felt comfortable to tell him that intially I was a little hesitant to talk to him. And even that I first thought he was phony, that I felt like he wasn't using his own words. Now I think I might've been too honest or too direct, or it was still too early to be this open. Oh well, then he'll know immediately who he's dealing with. He was more interested in my friend m4z4l personally than both of us it seemed, though, too. Later, when we were hanging on a square, he'd sing and totally mesmerize m4z4l. I was especially impressed by his ability to sing in front of an audience on a square like that. His name is casin0, he who doesn't consider his work to be art yet. I really liked his coat, it looked good on me and was really warm too.

So as you can read, it was a very full day, with a lot of stuff that I still have to process and reflect on, but I wanted to write it down, before I forget because of the alcohol and the weed.

I'll talk to you soon, more sober. If it will be during the day or the night I don't know yet. My hypothesis is that both involve different type of thoughts. The first being more abstract and dreamy I think, the latter being more concrete and realistic.

Your fr0st