Address change

Page 6 | 2020-09-22

Dear ic3,

I've updated the Tor address from v2 (ic3333qpasht5vd6.onion) to v3 (ic3333h2g3p7ffv6ypscxfvgomi2oj7x45xkqzpay6txjl2nlg5qwcid.onion) because v3 is more safe and v2 is getting deprecated. While I was at it I created an I2P mirror too. Also, I've joined a webring. Finally, as you might notice, I've changed the CSS a little. It's slicker this way I think.

Today I didn't do much else. At least, that's how it feels. I've listened to music, played around with the projector and a visualizer (projectM). I didn't read any philosophy because I was too tired from yesterday, although I wanted to. I didn't go swimming as planned either. It's already past midnight, I'll go to sleep soon since I have to get up early tomorrow to see a doctor about the dry skin on my scalp.

Next time I’ll be more elaborate, I need to organize both my thoughts and my room. I'll do that tomorrow. Now I'll sleep.

Sleep well,