Hungover, no stress

Page 7 | 2020-09-24

Dear ic3,

This morning I'm writing you from a small Italian cafe/restaurant. Yesterday I helped my friend m4z4l move to her new place, that was the plan anyway. We loaded all her stuff down from 5 floors to her dads car. After a six hour drive we made a stop at a gas station to check where to pick up the key. Great surprise, she messed up and made a schlemiel out of herself. It was the 23rd but she was supposed to pick up the key on Friday, the 25th. She tried to call the office and they tried to help her but it was fruitless. We did get really nice chocolate with nougat though. We decided to return home and have nice dinner at my place. She cooked a really top-class curry that even surprised herself. We got drunk, played music, danced, fell asleep, and hungover this morning.

Now I'm sitting in this cafe writing. Bob Dylan's playing over the speaker. People are speaking Italian in the background, it's a real Italian place, not some marketing stunt. m4z4l is sitting in front of me, working on her schedule and being frustrated at her sloooow laptop. I offered to try to fix it, but it's an old MacBook so it's probably being slowed down by Apple on purpose. It should be possible to replace the HDD with an SSD, right? If my attempt to fix it fail I'll recommend her to buy a second-hand ThinkPad.

In my mail I found the submission for the festival from a good friend from London. It's realy cool but I have to check it out more closely with better sound. g3rm is her name. She worked on it with r0t. I really hope they're not in a relationship but I haven't been in the position yet to find out. Oh well, dreaming is always nice. Sometimes I feel like I have crush on everyone, I know you understand, ic3.

My friend pirat3 just called me. Totally stressed out about the festival. The print shop has technical issues and won't be able to print the posters. The website's not finished. The VHS tapes need to be recorded. We need more VHS players. We need more locations for the screenings. Her boat has technical issues. She has to return to Russia soon too. So I'm trying to fix all this.

So this is how my life looks like at the moment. I need to find a spot for studying some philosophy but that'll come.