Uncomfortable dream

Page 8 | 2020-09-26

Dear ic3,

This morning I had a really paranoid dream. Everything I did was wrong and everyone I met got angry with me. It started as some festival/trip/amusement park. I knocked the very expensive camera from the hands of a girl I went to elementary school with. It fell down the stairs and broke. It was very crowded but she managed to follow me anyway. I jus felt very awkward and thought she was very annoying.

The other incident was where I met a guy from high school, really small guy, for some reason I had hit his face. Later, when I went to the club to dance he was working there as a bouncer and called one of his bouncer friends (who happened to be this guy I used to row with) who he ordered to hit me in the face.

Later I was at some kind of party, first I thought it was my house but it was full of people I didn't know, or at least would never invite. There were two of my exes too, the most recent one (whom I'm on REALLY bad terms with) and the one before that (whom I'm on normal bad terms with). The latter however, had a different zodiac than they used to. I had always remembered them as Aries, but now they were Pisces or Twins, I can't really recall, but my guess would be Pisces, as they had blue cornrows. Fuck, they were still so hot. I got really close to them, and felt like they were the only person I could trust in this paranoid world, until I found out their zodiac had suddenly changed. Then there was the other ex too, but I don't really remember what happened between us in the dream, other than that it was better than it is in my awake life.

I was also feeling this constant feeling of discomfort, disappointment and panic. I never feel this way. I was happy to wake up and see pirat3 next to me and all the VHS equipment in my room and realize where I am right now.

I have to stop writing though, as I'm gonna have to rush my breakfast too, in a few minutes the father of m4z4l will pick me up to move all her stuff for a second time... It's 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday... Well, this might be good for my rhythm, right?