Festival's over

Page 9 | 2020-10-12

Dear ic3,

It's been a while, hasn't it? A little over two weeks I think. It was a trip. The reason for that is that I was over my head involved in the festival, which ran for two weekends until yesterday's final day in an independent film house. We did some really cool shit. Biking with a big cargo bike around the city with our gear to do street screenings all over the city, under bridges, on squares, on half demolished buildings etc. The basic setup included my laptop, projector, amplifier, speakers and a generator. We also had a backup portable projector and portable speaker in case the other gear would fail. Because it was raining cats and dogs the whole second weekend we had everything wrapped in plastic bags and tarps we found in the squat we used as our storage. There weren't only street screenings, we also made an installation with big CRT TVs we found on the street and VHS players. All the submitted film works we first transferred to VHS. The visitors could pick themselves what to watch.

I realize I should have kept a log day to day of what I did because I'm already forgetting the details. I've learned so much, I've never had an experience like this before. Me and pirat3 did film and picture everything so a documentary will be made about the film festival. Also to show the artists living abroad what went down, but maybe even more for our stoned memory.

Now I'm going to play some Call of Duty 4 and try to sleep early while thinking back to my weeks with a very satisfied feeling. Not being able to write down everything is a good sign, that means it's too much to process, that I've been burning my serotonin receptors fast? Which means I've been busy? I'll try to do this writing every day, maybe a fixed moment in my evening? To reflect on my day? Especially when I have the feeling I haven't achieved anything that day. These past weeks it wasn't needed to remind me that I'm living a good life, but I know for sure it is needed to learn from these kind of events.

Oh, by the way, g3rm really liked the way we screened her work on the central square of the city.

Still yours,